Risk Management

Risk management is a necessary part of fleet management, whether the vehicles are owned by the business, or are employees personal vehicles, and are part of the business’s duty of care for their drivers. Risk management helps keep your drivers and vehicles safe, and ensures policies and procedures are put into place to mitigate risk if an event occurs that could cause harm.

What is Risk Management?

A successfully implemented risk management strategy minimises the potential impact of any physical or mental injury, as well as any financial cost, for the driver, the company and the general public. It can help avoid fines and losses for the business, ensures drivers and vehicles can go on the road, and meet regulatory standards. It also helps the business meet its duty of care requirements.
What Risk Management Involves

The risk management is extensive, due to how many areas it has to cover. To summarise however, risk management covers:

  • Compliance
  • Driver training
  • Telematics
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Insurance
  • Policy reviews

Every business is unique and so every business’s risk management policy will also be unique in order to be effective. Bluepoppy will help you to tailor a fleet management policy to be designed for your specific fleet, and the risks that your business could face.

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