Fuel Card Management

Running a company fleet can be costly, with many elements involved. Unless all the vehicles in the fleet are fully electric, fuel is always a consideration.
Why To Use A Fuel Card

If your employees are using a vehicle for business use then most will expect to be recompensed for the cost of fuel they use, whether it is a company vehicle or their own private vehicle. Some businesses do this through calculating the mileage of the trip, the MPG of the vehicle, and the local fuel prices.

A simpler alternative is to offer fuel cards as part of your fleet policy. A fuel card is a method of paying for petrol or diesel that allows a business to pay for the fuel instead, streamlining the process.

Fuel cards can also save money too, through percentage discounts on fuel, or fixed rates which ignore regional price differences.

Fuel cards also give you the ability to monitor drivers’ fuel usage and analyse MPG figures, which may highlight certain vehicles in your fleet as having a poorer return of investment than others, or whether a certain driver could be driving poorly and inefficiently.

If fuel bought with a fuel card is used entirely for business purposes, the VAT on the purchase can be claimed back.

How Bluepoppy Can Help

If you decide that a fuel card scheme is the right choice for your business, then we can help put the programme into place and manage it for you.

We work with a number of fuel card providers, and with most major petrol station operators. This means we can help you to find the right card for your business’s needs.

Our Fuel Card Management includes:

  • A multi-supply approach
  • Assistance with choosing the best provider for both you and your drivers
  • Improved reporting
  • Centralised billing
  • MPG analysis for vehicles
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