Driving Licence Checks

Bluepoppy can automate driving licence checks for your fleet drivers, saving your time and money, whilst ensuring your drivers are safe and are on the road legally.

We provide businesses with a secure and GDPR compliant online driver licence checking system, giving you a quick and efficient way to manage all licence checks for your fleet drivers.

The process is done entirely online, so it’s paperless, automated and secure. As it is automated the risk of drivers operating vehicles with invalid licences is dropped significantly.

If you decide to use our driving licence checking service, any employees that provide consent can have their driver’s licence checked, and new drivers can be added upon being hired. From the day of consent, driving licences can be checked as often as you need for a period of up to three years.

You will recieve regular updates showing you the current status of your fleet drivers’ licences, and any active endorsements on them. This can highlight any drivers you may need to be concerned about.

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