Business Vehicle Tracking

To help you optimise your fleet.

Use vehicle tracking as part of your fleet management system. With full visibility of your vehicles, you can manage commercial operations more effectively and utilise assets better.


Online fleet tracking

Our reliable and robust GPS tracking devices send accurate locations to your platform, so you can view your whole fleet on one live map at any given point in time.

  • Track fleet activity online
  • Provide exact arrival times
  • See vehicle status


Simplify fleet management

With our industry-leading vehicle tracking systems in place, you can respond to situations as they develop and make the most of your fleet.

  • Check and prove time of delivery or arrival
  • ‘Find the nearest vehicle’ for an emergency job
  • Receive notifications on activities that matter to your business
  • View locations on your mobile with our app


Optimise performance

Our historical reports provide insights to help you achieve your future goals.

To delve deeper and maximise your ROI, engage our Professional Services team for in-depth analysts.

  • Highlight company fuel waste and identify cost-saving
  • Increase business productivity, reduce overtime and automate timesheets
  • Optimise vehicle utilisation
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